Adult Ministries

Becoming more human—that’s the point of Village Seven Adult Ministries. We believe that God made us to have satisfying, giving relationships with Him, with others, and with the creation around us. Having those relationships are at the heart of what it means to be human as God intended us to be. But because of our sin and selfishness, all of those relationships are broken.


The only way forward now is God’s grace to us. As we trust him, His grace shown to us in Jesus Christ restores our relationship to him. Then as we live out that grace in forgiveness, repentance, and pursuit of others, our human relationships can be restored. We also begin to learn what it means to work in this world and contribute to it. In other words, because of God’s grace our relationships with him, with others, and with the world can be restored. That process is called maturing as a Christian.


We seek to help our people move towards maturity through Sunday morning communities, small groups, women’s ministry, men’s ministry, and other special events. At the center of it all is the unchanging truth of the Bible, which God has given to us so we might know him.